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In the age of political tourism, the time is ripe for the birth of change and a leader to emerge within the people. Bahujan Samaj Party, the truest people’s party is engaged with people through thick and thin. Our hearts are with people, and our thoughts are in their suffering. We take forward the legacy of our founding fathers’ continuous grassroots engagement. Our emerging leadership has hit the streets to have ‘lived experience’ of everyday lives of the Telangana aspirations. Going around the state for 300 days, we are engaging with the thousands of small farmers, women, children, youth, trans, tribals, dalits, entrepreneurs, village bureaucrats, traders, students, and all other unheard voices of Telangana. Come, become part of the movement of the meek. Together, we shall bring the ‘welfare of many’ to the state of Telangana soon. Jai Bhim ! Jai Bharat!!



Telangana is the land of radical equality, since past and will be in the future. Peasant movement, Razakar movement, Maoist movement, and Statehood movement still resonate the spirit of this historical land. All of these have been successful in resonating the voices of the social others. In an economically changing Telangana, the social change is take a leap. BSP promises politics that is best for the most. Our motto for tomorrow’s Telangana is proudly ‘Welfare for the many. Power of the many’.


Increase CapEx in social sector

- Invest in Jobs, Not in infra

- Risk-sharing with government

- Salaries for Farmers. Pensions for workers.

- Water for All

- Education and Energy for All

- Equal Opportunity for All

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